This is our new album.

Long Divisionary was recorded in huts and chicken coops throughout Northern California in close proximity to farm animals.

Long Divisionary is the soundtrack to the apocalyptic science fiction western movie in your mind. Haunting, mostly acoustic songs of doom, despair, heartbreak and redemption to help you through these dark times. Keep your whiskey handy.

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What does Terrascope have to say?

The first couple of songs on “Long Divisionary” by Sevenly Virtues are sparse guitar led tunes embellished with some appealing steel guitar playing. From then on in, however, things begin to get weirder, with banjo and percussion joining in the party, the songs taking on a more wyrd-folk flavour, with “the Day” sounding like a hillbilly version of Zappa, whilst “Free” has a touch of Neil Young about its vocal delivery. In fact the vocals are worth mentioning as they are very distinctive with a “love them or hate them quality” that may well determine how you react to the records. For me, they suit the songs and give them an individual edge, especially on the organ led strangeness of “Evil Doers”, which features some fine guitar playing. (Simon Lewis)

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We Got 4 (out of 5) Horses (of the apocalypse?)
It is all in Dutch, badly translated by

It are real modern folkies which lazy of Sevenly Virtues. Originating from the San Francisco Bay Area - where the hippiecultuur of freedom, blijheid, communes and cultivating your own vegetables have died out never - are consider this collective pre-eminently as nu-folk. Those folky environment are nicely translated moreover, however, musical in twelve, with the emphasis on alto. Mastermind of the Sevenly Virtues are zanger, gitarist and type-setter Angelo Sacerdote. Lung Divisonary (own management) has been incorporated by Sacerdote in chicken barns and country huts. Because of this Sacerdote are not only accompanied Alex Uncapher (piano and electric piano), Christopher Graybill (rag stalk, bass) and Sheila Denise McCarthy (drums), but also sheep, ewes, chickens and poezen. On the splendid mail Apocalypse in c Major the bleating sheep and bleating ewes are thus accompanied accordion and double banjo, and the crackling chicken are a beautiful musical additive on the misfortune-pregnant Everyone's Awake. On the majority of the songs the electric piano is prominent present, but not as prominent as the impressive song of Sacerdote, which has much gone of Pavlov's dogs (knows you them still?) David Suhrkamp. The songs are dark and inventive, and splendid moreover. It sounds as if you are are. But unfortunately is that not this way. That does not mean that the sultry, sometimes desperate sounding prachtsongs, fortunately varied by seeming-lively songs as Those Were Not The Days, remains still long in my head rondspoken. Because ghostly lung Divisonary is, but also refreshing and purifying. And shining (Wiebren Rijkeboer)

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Link to larger file

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