The Story

These are TERRIBLE, PERILOUS times, my friends. Some might even call them END times (as if there is an end). We need some glue to hold ourselves together. Close your eyes and open your minds and listen to our simple tunes. Perhaps they can offer you some comfort. Here, I think I still have a crust of bread in my pocket. It's not too moldy. Sit with me by the fire and share some tea from this old tin can.

Where does this story begin? At the begining? Or at the end? Is there an end? Tell you what. We will make a compact with you, a compact disc. You can listen to it. THEN you can hear the story unfold between your eyes.
The story is now a major motion picture.


The Sevenly Virtues are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have included, but are not limited to:

Angelo Sacerdote-guitar, vocals and saw and doo-dads

Christopher Graybill-bass, drums, vocals, banjo and saw, lap steel, gee-gaws, and so much more

Alex Uncapher-electric piano, vocals and accordion

Sheila McCarthy-drums, suitcase and things
(sadly, Sheila is not "in the band" anymore, but we got her recorded on our NEW CD!)

won't you become our "space friend" ?

angelo (at) sevenlyvirtues (dot) com